Zeolithes allow methane removal in cooperation with DAC. Pls note that this “cheap solution” is not cheap at all. Zeolithes can only work within a closed mechanical device, where the air is streamed above the surface of the Zeolithes.
Quote from MIT (Link 1)

A dirt cheap solution? Common clay materials may help curb methane emissions

With special treatment, minerals called zeolites — commonly found in cat litter — can efficiently remove the greenhouse gas from the air, researchers report.
Publication Date:

January 10, 2022

Image description:
A team of researchers at MIT has come up with a promising approach to controlling methane emissions and removing it from the air, using an inexpensive and abundant type of clay called zeolite. In this image, the zeolite, depicted as the complex structure in the middle, absorbs the methane that passes through it.

Image: Darius Siwek

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