Cool Planet Earth

Earth is a cool place

Earth is home to nearly 9 million species of plants and animals, 8 billion humans and surely the most beautiful and diverse nature in the known universe. We can be proud of our incredible planet.

Our planet is in need

Earth is under threat. Global temperatures have risen by around 1.2 degrees since the industrial revolution; the consequences of this warming are already dramatic, but they are minor in comparison to what lies ahead.

The Planet Earth Coolkit

It’s time to act in order to keep the planet cool. Humans can help Earth turn down its thermostat, enhancing its own natural processes to reduce global temperatures. We have grouped these processes together into what we call The Planet Earth Coolkit.

We need you to help us get the message out that global cooling is possible!

Global warming is the biggest threat to mankind. It is time now to Cool Planet Earth. 

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