Planting and Growing Trees

Planting trees is certainly the most known and most popular cooling method. Millions of trees have already been planted to restore the climate. Trees are beneficial in so many ways that there cannot ever be too many of them. However this tool will not solve the climate crisis. Unfortunately trees burn in wildfires and this releases all the CO2 back into the atmosphere. The same is true when we use wood for heating, e.g. in pellets. For a permanent solution the resulting material (wood and foliage) must be sequestered. This is possible e.g. by using the wood to build houses, or by making sure that the rotten leaves are turned into biochar.

Quote from MIT (Link 1)

Why don’t we just plant a lot of trees?

Forests are a crucial line of defense against climate change. But trees can’t absorb enough CO2 to stop climate change on their own, no matter how many we plant.



Picture is from Wikipedia (Link 2)

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