Enhanced Weathering

Enhanced weathering is a natural method for carbon sequestration.

Quote from Wikipedia (Link 1)

Enhanced weathering has been proposed for both terrestrial and ocean based carbon sequestration. Ocean methods are being tested by non-profit Project Vesta to see if they are environmentally and economically viable.[5][6]

In July 2020 a group of scientists assessed that the geoengineering technique of enhanced rock weathering – spreading finely crushed basalt on fields – has potential use for carbon dioxide removal by nations, identifying costs, opportunities and engineering challenges.[7][8]

The picture: Carbon-silicate cycle feedbacks.



Quote from Carbonbrief (Link 2)

Achieving the Paris Agreement goals of keeping global warming to “well below” 2C, or to 1.5C, above pre-industrial levels will require rapid decarbonisation of human society.

But national commitments to rein in greenhouse gas emissions are currently insufficient to meet these agreed limits. It is increasingly likely that “negative emissions”, or “carbon dioxide removal”, technologies will be needed to take up the slack.




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