Atmospheric Methane Removal

Enhance Atmopheric Methane Oxidation technology schematic

AMR (Atmospheric Methane Removal) or EAMO (Enhanced Atmospheric Methane Reduction) shortens the lifespan of methane in the atmosphere. Methane is 28 times more powerful in its warming capacity than CO2, measured over a period of 100 years. Methane oxidises into CO2, this is it’s natural fate. AMR/EAMO enhances this process by adding a catalyst called ISA to the atmosphere.

AMR/EAMO is the only cooling method which serves both methane removal as well as CO2 removal, the categories which help to get to net-zero emissions:

  • Methane Removal is it’s foremost goal.
  • Removing methane has a co-benefit of removing (tropospheric) ozone.
  • When ISA rains down into the ocean it contributes to ocean fertilization. Compare OIF.


AMR AG is developing technology for EAMO, the same is true for BlueDotChange. We think that EAMO is the most efficient cooling method, and at the same time is safe and natural. EAMO has the potential to cool the globe by 0.5 degrees. This estimate refers only to the effect on methane, the effect in form of OIF must be added.

Advantages of AMR/EAMO

  1. It allows cooling the earth by 0.5 degrees. It does not solve the problem completely but it comes close.
  2. It is the only solution which allows GHG removal at a speed and scale so we can possibly stay under 1.5°C by 2050.
  3. It cools the planet in three ways. It removes methane, ozone and CO2 from the atmosphere.
  4. In comparison to all other GHG removal technologies EAMO costs less by a factor of 100-1000 per ton of CO2e removed.
  5. It enhances existing, natural processes. CO2 removal by Direct Air Capture relies on a man-made, artificial process.


Only nature can solve the climate crisis. It is upon us to enhance nature’s self-healing properties so we can avert an overheated planet.


For more information on AMR/EAMO pls refer to the two links above.

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